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Marble and Granite

For your home, our engraved murals add an original elegant touch to your backsplash, floor, stair risers, bathroom, landscaping and more. For an enhanced custom look to your indoor murals ask about the beauty of our colorization process.

For your office interiors, lobbies, boardrooms, and exteriors, consider custom engraving floors, walls, glass, tables, exterior walls and signs that can be engraved your custom image or design.

If you have a current supplier or would prefer to use other materials we will partner with your source, use their materials and apply your images. Prior to our joint venture, please allow us to test and etch a small sample of material for etching compatibility.

Custom Image Laser Engraving also carries a selection of tile including Black Marble and Absolute Granite in various sizes including 12” x 12”.

Absolute Black Granite is an igneous rock and is reportedly the 3rd hardest natural known to man behind only diamonds and rubies. The polished surface of granite has an erosion factor of less than 0.125 of an inch per 1000 years outdoors. The estimated life of laser etchings is 500+ years outdoors, and for interior surfaces virtually forever. Engraved granite is highly recommended for high traffic areas, exterior surfaces and where extreme durability is require

Stone Engraving

Our laser engraving creates elegant patterns in the most popular Limestones, Marbles and Travertines for residential and commercial projects. From ornate stone rugs. borders and medallions to decos, accents, baseboards, backsplashes, to murals and many more exciting custom applications.

Applying our laser engraving prior to installation in your lobby, hallways, boardrooms, kitchens, baths and more makes your project uniquely elegant and beautiful!