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How does our custom laser engraving process work?

When you send us a digital image of your artwork, we at Custom Image Laser Engraving apply your custom images through laser etching or cutting to ensure your project is both uniquely memorable and monumentally durable.

Our expertise using industry leader laser etching equipment combined with the latest technology in graphic software achieves an impressive and lasting result.

Our computer controlled production is one hundred times more precise than the traditional method of etching by sandblasting. The finest detail of your image and even small text are enhanced with pinpoint accuracy as the laser burns and creates oxidization.

What can we engrave?

Using our commercial quality laser engraving equipment, we can apply your image to a variety of materials from marble and granite to travertine, glass, wood, acrylic and even some metals. Our production scope includes wall and floor murals, monuments, memorials, backsplashes, countertops, tile, wood in-lays, awards, incentives, gift items, lap tops, cell phones and more.

Who are we?

We provide a service to a variety of businesses; from architects, contractors, builders, tile and granite installers, landscapers, interior designers, decorators and home improvement. In addition we create photo gifts for photographers and awards for business incentives.

Our team has over 25 years experience in the construction industry. At Custom Image Laser Engraving we are a family owned company, comprised of motivated professionals who are committed to providing you with the most professional service in our industry.

How much will this cost?

The cost of our etching application process is determined by square footage and type of material. Our base rate for custom engraving begins at $150 per square foot with consideration given for project size, volume and trade discounts. Additional fees for graphics arts and colorization may apply.


Our color staining process can be added to indoor projects. Cost to your project will increase by 25% to 35% based on the image characteristics and size. Colorization is applied by an artist to the porous areas of your stone that have been engraved. Then it is sealed to preserve the color.

Images and Artwork?

The reproduction of your image will substantially be improved with quality file or artwork. Copyright free or art work authorized for reproduction in mediums we can use are: photographs, slides, transparencies, original artwork, high quality reproductions. Consult for your copyright questions.

Your engraving and cutting digital file formats should be 600 DPI or larger, in the following types.

  • PDF
  • CDR (Corel)
  • BMP (Windows Bitmap)
  • JPEG/JPG/JPE (JPEG file interchange format)
  • PSD (Photoshop File Format)
  • AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • All cutting files should be vector format. DXF works as well.

You may submit images that have been created by your graphic artist or we may provide you with graphic arts services at an additional cost.

Digital graphics arts fees may apply if needed, all depending on your artwork. Hopefully your graphic artist will provide us with artwork that is laser ready. If not, graphic arts fees will apply at $65 per hour.

You may create your laser ready logo artwork or image file as 100% black on a White or no background, VECTOR file from your graphic arts program. Export or Save as a high resolution UNFLATTENED .pdf,.dxf or .cdr file. 

Our process?

Our laser engraving process “burns” slightly into most materials creating a burned contrast or revealing what is slightly underneath. On colored anodized aluminum the burn reveals what is underneath the color –a frosty white/silver.

Please understand that our recommended laser process for most metals is not traditional etching. It is called metal marking.

For metal marking on silver color metals, we apply a coating to your piece which will be burned in to your metal, similar to a tattooing process, then wipe away the excess. This creates a black contrast against your metal. You may refer to the iPads or Metals section of our website for pictures of metal marking.


Our preferred font choices are:

  • Tahoma
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Times New Roman
  • Lucida Handwriting
  • Dakota 

If you have a favorite font, please send us the font file as well with your art work. 


Murals, flooring in your office, entryway, or home, bathroom walls, showers, kitchen walls, kitchen counters, back splashes, patios, pool areas, landscaping, fireplace and surrounds, outdoor kitchen, barbeque, single display tiles , multiple tile pieces and more can be installed by the contractor of your choice.

Installation of marble, granite, travertine and tiles can be done by your professional tile contractor in the typical manner. We work closely with you, your contractors and installers to ensure our specifications are provided.


Your project size and our previously committed projects will determine your delivery date. Most projects with 12’x12’ tiles in size take 2 to 4 weeks to process and apply etching to your project surface. Colorization may take an additional 4 to 7 days.

Keep in mind that your project size, method of shipment and your location will add to the delivery date.

Care and Maintenance?

Just like the tile you may have currently installed in your office, home or patio, we apply a protective sealant to our projects. This sealant should be re applied as often twice a year to protect from scratches in high traffic areas.

At Custom Image Laser Engraving, we recommend that you clean your project with only warm water and a non- abrasive cloth, mop or sponge. Please read the labels on household cleaners as most are not formulated for stone surfaces. There are products available specifically designed for stone surfaces.

How long will laser engraving last?

The estimated life of granite laser etchings is 500+ years outdoors, and for interior surfaces virtually forever. Engraved granite is highly recommended for high traffic areas, exterior surfaces and where extreme durability is required.